Digitizing the trade show grind – how to make lead entry easy with SAP Hybris C4C

We all know how it is, trade show season rolls around at least once or twice a year. You invite your customers, pack your bags, pick up the trade show collaterals, and make your way to the booth – only to find the same old lead forms to write your notes on and staple business cards to. Doesn’t this seem a bit outdated to you and is this really how you want your company to be perceived?

We took a different path with our customers. Equipped with an iPad and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C), we can digitize the way you capture your leads during trade shows.

Employees get work from a sleek and simple interface that provides them with all the information they need for their trade show schedules. They can use their iPads to take notes about the people they talk to and save them as leads.

When entering the information, your employees will be able to see right away whether anyone has spoken to this particular prospect in the past. They can conveniently create new leads for new prospects or new representatives from existing customers using a business card scanner. Names and contact info are captured by the system.

At this point, they can also specify the contact permissions the contact person has to agree to.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer can even help you bring more structure to your conversations. Using the routing rules for leads, you can automatically generate important tasks and relevant surveys. This enables you to better structure your conversations and avoid any delays in capturing the information you need to nurture your leads. Users can choose between text fields, checkboxes, and dropdown lists. All information is stored with reference to the trade show lead and, therefore, to the customer.

You can analyze and follow-up on the information you have collected once the trade show is over or even while still on site when attending multi-day events. One option would be to have your in-house staff go through the leads captured on site and send out more information or even schedule initial appointments before the trade show is over. None of this will interrupt your work, allowing you to focus on your customers.

Once a lead has been successfully created, you can always add new information, such as the name of the trade show you are attending. This makes it easier for you to quantify the value of your events, that is:

  • How many customers were at the trade show?
  • How many new leads were we able to gather?
  • How much revenue was generated from the event…
  • and how does this revenue, in relation to the cost of the investment, compare to that generated from other trade shows?

We’ve all asked these questions, but didn’t have the means to really get to the bottom of them. Our scenario puts all the answers right at your fingertips.

A good CRM system can do more than help you at the office or in the field, it can also help you capture your trade show leads. Benefit from a more professional approach and the almost instant availability of your lead information. What’s more, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer also allows you to assess your trade show performance and optimize it accordingly.

written by
Roberto Wahl
Roberto Wahl is the senior consultant in charge of SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) at Camelot ITLab. His market and industry expertise comes from many years of planning and executing a wide variety of CRM initiatives for large German companies from diverse industries. He is an expert in all products related to the Customer Engagement and Commerce (SAP CEC) process and will share his knowledge with you right here on this blog.

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