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This is Camelot’s CRM team reporting back to duty! We were never really gone, but due to exciting new customer projects and innovative in-house developments related to SAP Hybris we haven’t been able to keep our blog entirely up to date.

But we vow to do better from now on and will go back to regularly providing you with inspiring content! Our CRM team has grown with dedicated people throughout 2017 and we have developed and grown our expertise in all things SAP Hybris Customer Engagement & Commerce.


And because the latest November release of SAP Hybris C4C has just been rolled out, we would also like to take this opportunity to point you to the latest SAP release notes:




We have a full pipeline of new topics, so you can expect to see interesting articles and news regarding core products such as SAP Hybris C4C and SAP Hybris Marketing but also SAP JAM and other related topics coming your way in the next months.


Be sure to come back again before Christmas and let us inspire you for the endeavors to come in the new year!


All the best,

Your Camelot CRM Team

written by
Roberto Wahl
Roberto Wahl is the senior consultant in charge of SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) at Camelot ITLab. His market and industry expertise comes from many years of planning and executing a wide variety of CRM initiatives for large German companies from diverse industries. He is an expert in all products related to the Customer Engagement and Commerce (SAP CEC) process and will share his knowledge with you right here on this blog.

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