Successful together with SAP Jam – sharing knowledge and winning (customers)!

Do you often ask yourself how to improve communication, both internally amongst colleagues and externally with customers and partners? Digital transformation is changing modes of communication and cooperation in the daily operational business.
We show you how not to miss out on modern collaboration opportunities and how to significantly optimize your corporate communication!

In recent years, enterprise social networks such as LinkedIn and XING have become more and more established. Even Facebook, originally largely for personal use, is increasingly being used for corporate purposes, as seen for example in the “Workplace by Facebook” offer.

These developments show that the concept and use of social networking can yield numerous benefits for employees, customers, suppliers and partners in the corporate environment. Clearly, companies benefit from the implementation of solutions relevant to social media networks that are specially tailored for internal and external business cooperation.

SAP offers the perfect solution for companies through its cloud-based social collaboration platform SAP Jam. Companies benefit from a user-friendly, future-proof and easily scalable collaboration platform that links employees, information and applications so as to optimize business processes.

Seamless integration into other expert systems has many benefits, including information sharing about customer projects, better sales results and increased customer satisfaction.
The basic functionalities of SAP Jam include:

  • Posting news and articles
  • Implementing open or protected groups
  • Creating wikis
  • Creating blogs
  • Creating surveys
  • Up-to-date information sharing

The following practical examples illustrate the various functionalities.

A company network with many advantages – simple, modern and intuitive.

After logging in to SAP JAM you see your home page, which is tailored to your company’s corporate design. Posts can be created from the home page, for example. Posts may directly address individuals, potentially with attached documents, and images and videos can be shared as well as links to other websites. Any post can be commented on by users. This is similar to private social networks. Posts, dates and information can be publicly shared with any colleagues and other internal parties as well as external network members. Blog posts, wikis, surveys and much more can be created in just a few clicks from the quick access area.

You can also “follow” your work colleagues and subscribe to information relevant to you personally.

Collaboration made easy: Use cases in daily business operations

Here are a few interesting use cases: Own pages Create and manage an internal page for your project team. You can also create public groups so that everyone in the company can follow your group and stay updated about the latest developments. You can also create private internal groups to limit participants to those collaborating on a specific project.Surveys What motivates your work colleagues? Find out the easy way by creating a survey. Integrating SurveyMonkey also allows creating surveys directed at all company personnel. Wikis, blogs, groups You can use survey findings as a basis for collaborating with colleagues on issues within wikis, blogs or groups.

Improved work effectiveness with SAP Jam

Reach better solutions through inclusive brainstorming via blog and in groups – SAP Jam provides you with the functionalities required for this!Task assignment You can use SAP Jam to plan and assign tasks to your group members.

External communication

You can use SAP Jam with company-external parties. Invite customers, suppliers and other partners to join SAP Jam to strengthen your network and tackle tasks and challenges together.

As you can see, SAP Jam is a very powerful tool for optimizing internal and external communication and collaboration. The functional scope of SAP Jam is expandable, particularly through integration into other systems . There are many advantages in integrating SAP Jam into SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, such as:

  • Receiving feeds directly from SAP Jam and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer
  • Notifications of status changes
  • Project-based groups

In a later post I will go into more detail about integrating SAP Jam and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. In addition to technical aspects of integration, I will discuss more extensively the operational benefits of linking the two systems.


written by
Joshua Barsoum
Joshua Barsoum is consultant within the competence center “Customer Engagement & Commerce”. His work focus is SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C). In addition to his expertise related to SAP Hybris C4C, he has a good knowledge of the SAP Cloud Platform, FIORI as well as integration of external applications. He uses his innovative thinking to implement new integration processes and development opportunities. He will present some of them here for you.

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