The easy way to groupware integration with Microsoft Outlook

In my last article, I discussed the benefits of groupware integration with a CRM system. Today, I will show you what the built-in groupware integration in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer can do for you – from straightforward integration to the search for CRM data in Microsoft Outlook.

You will learn about the functionality delivered by the groupware integrated with SAP Hybris C4C and how you can install it in no time. The deep level of integration and the perfect harmony between Outlook and SAP Hybris C4C give your employees instant access to customer-related data, enabling them to work efficiently towards business objectives. The integration between SAP Hybris C4C and Outlook is based on an add-in that can be easily installed.

Once integrated with Outlook, the add-in supports and documents a number of routine tasks such as managing tasks, emails, appointments and much more.

After its installation, the module shown is added to the Outlook toolbar. You can flexibly customize the SAP Hybris C4C add-in and other features to reflect your specific needs.

For an intuitive user experience, new buttons are added to all CRM-related sections. Here is an overview of your options:

The buttons shown here serve to transfer content and information from Outlook to SAP Hybris C4C in real time. Its intuitive ergonomics ensure a high degree of usability.

The real-time synchronization provides visibility into the way information is shared among the people that are connected through groupware.

The highlights of SAP Hybris C4C

In addition to the toolbar, there is a side panel with additional functionality. Click on Contact to access and manage customer-relevant data. The upper part of the window shows general information about the contact. In the lower part of the window, your employees can view information about opportunities, leads, activities, campaigns, and offers. This way, you can best meet individual needs while contributing to your business goals.

In SAP Hybris C4C, users can use the Shelf and Notifications tabs to access information that is relevant to their respective role. The Shelf, on the other hand, holds information that was flagged or marked as a favorite. The items here can be removed at any time. The Notifications field shows the tasks and feeds assigned to you that include your name.


The added value of your groupware integration

Groupware integration allows users to access a shared database. By giving them easy access to a variety of data such as appointments, contacts, and tasks, they have to spend less time coordinating their activities. Changes to information are available to everyone involved in real time.

And what’s even better: This add-in comes free of charge with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer! Try it yourself and find out how fast you can implement this integration and how it will make your life easier. And don’t forget to share your experiences with us

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Roberto Wahl
Roberto Wahl is the senior consultant in charge of SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) at Camelot ITLab. His market and industry expertise comes from many years of planning and executing a wide variety of CRM initiatives for large German companies from diverse industries. He is an expert in all products related to the Customer Engagement and Commerce (SAP CEC) process and will share his knowledge with you right here on this blog.

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